Show Your Betting Skill In The Twisted CircusI still remember the time, when I used to be a kid and go to the circus every time it used to arrive in the town. This fondness started when once my grandpa took me to it when I was 10 years old. Till then, I have just heard about the wild animal lie lion tiger, elephants but have never seen them and this was the first chance that I get to see them and it was so fascinating and I still feels the same when someone calls the word circus.

So, this last week I came to know that there has been a circus setup in the town. So I grabbed my best friend and went there witness the same. When I came back home, the charm of animals, jugglers, clowns and jugglers were all running through my eyes? In order to ease myself, I thought of playing this online casino slot machine that is based on the same theme of the circus but with a little twist.

That’s why it is also being named as the Twisted Circus. And coming to the specs it is a game that goes around the 243 Ways to win a system of winning prizes, which means that the player won’t have to worry about which pay lines is active or the same concerns. But he can place any combination of symbols running from left to right across the reels count, regardless of what position he hold on each of those reels.

So, after reading all the necessary things about the online pokies, I finally made the free download of the poker machine app and started playing it with the free spins as I was just playing it for fun, but if you want to win big money then you must go for real money version only.