Six months ago when I traveled to Australia I get to know about this amazing online pokies machine that is based on the Norse mythology and the name of this slot is the thunderstruck. Well if you guys even know a little about these online casino slots of Australia then you must have heard about this popular pokie and I can really bet that if you are a player then you must have played this as well at least once.

Well, the reason behind my confidence is that this slot is really very popular among the players of the world. But when it comes to me, I get to know about this only when I was on a business trip to Sydney. It all started when I was waiting for my flight to arrive as it was being delayed because of the inclement weather and I was this kid sitting right next to me and he seemed quite busy with his mobile phone.

So after staring at him for about half an hour, I finally asked him that what he has been doing with his phone with so much attention and there he told me that he is playing this classic poker machine. So after knowing the name of it, I also made the app download as I am also quite a player and play them occasionally.

I just downloaded it then to kill the time and have some fun while waiting for my flight but it turned out that I liked the slot very much. I played the same game for hour and during the flight as well and not even this I also brought the credits as well to play it with real money as well and luckily I also made few dollars out of it as well.

Check the video to win more.