Find Free Spins In The Forgotten Land Of LemuriaDid I tell you that last month I played this amazing theme slot machine called the forgotten land of Lemuria? Well, you guys must be wondering that what this term Lemuria is. Then let me have the privilege to tell you that this was quite a popular term in the eighties.

Actually, the government has conducted a research project back then to solve the mystery of existence some exotic animal that are found in India and others, but not in Africa. And they conclude that there was this island place called lemur, which has shifted over the time and became the part of another continent.Find Free Spins In The Forgotten Land Of Lemuria

So, in order to cherish the lost world or you can say forgotten the world, this term came into existence called the forgotten land of Lemuria. And since the online pokies gaming companies were adopting all the popular themes that time, so they took over this plot as well. And I played the same classic poker machine last week and I will be sharing my experience here.
Coming the specs of the game, let me tell you that it is a 5 reel poker machine that uses the always entertaining 243 Ways to win method that can really make the new player comfortable with the gambling industry instead of the other orthodox slot machine that uses the reels system. So I instantly download the free app of the game made few dollars as well while enjoying it with the free spins.