The Winstones – Simple Online Game To Understand And EarnBeing a kid, I believe there was nothing better than watching the cartoon network the whole day. And I was kind of the same kid, who used to play these super famous cartoons of the nineties. I really believe that the nineties was such a decade and there were many things that we experienced and had fun, but it’s really unfortunate as well that the coming generations are really going to miss them.

Well, today I am going to tell you guys about this favorite cartoon of mine called the Flintstones. Well, all those people who are born in the nineties must have heard about this very popular cartoon show. Well, you all must be wondering that how the same came into my after such a long time. Then let me tell you that this last week when my kid was watching this cartoon channel, I saw the advertisement that they are going to telecast the same Flintstones series again on the television.The Winstones – Simple Online Game To Understand And EarnAs I am kind of a regular player of this online casino slots, this incident reminded me of this amazing poker machine that is also based on the same theme of this famous cartoon called the Flintstones. And the name of the casino slot is the winstones. The name comprised of the two words actually, which are the win and the Flintstone itself as you can win and can also have fun with your favorite TV cartoon as well.

The Winstones – Simple Online Game To Understand And Earn
So, after knowing about the slot I made the free download of the online pokies app in my android mobile phone and started playing it with the free spins first. But as I got comfortable with the interface and the payable rules of the pokie machine, I went for the real money version and won some money with it as well.