Despite being one of the most enjoyed activities by millions of people, gambling games have become a subject of concern in certain countries. The addiction that they create in the players has brought them economic debts, family problems, divorces and, in many cases, they have led to the most sordid crimes.

This shows that the consequences of gambling are not always positive. When the line of entertainment is exceeded and becomes an obsession they begin to present themselves in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. You must have control and know when to stop, at the time you lose that notion; it is advisable to request professional help.

Once you pass the line of simple enjoyment and enter into an exclusive dependence on this activity, it is time to go to any of thousands of institutions to provide support and guidance to players who are victims of the game.

In most cases, the result is positive, but there are other experiences that have not gone well. Here some situations are presented, in which more than what was due and the results were disastrous. They are stories of players who lost more than money or goods.

The Curt case

When he made the decision to ask for help from Lutheran Social Services, through the initiative called Gambler’s Choice, Curt was in a desperate situation that was leading him towards suicide. He had a strong addiction, which did not let him think about anything other than playing.

He was surrounded by a recurring desire to end his life and this is extremely serious, so he was offered the best possible help and immediately. The constant loss of money had exhausted his desire to continue and being dominated by those thoughts, decided to ask for help.

It is important to detect the symptoms that indicate that the game has gotten out of hand. Once faced with this reality it is necessary to go to institutions, such as GamStop without losing time.

In this type of organization, you will find specialized personnel, who will indicate the best techniques to master the outbursts and show you that it is possible to overcome this step successfully, as Curt did. Now he only has to take care of the money and earn, again, the trust of his family and friends.

The experience of Jodie Nealley

In the case of Nealley, the consequences were paid with jail, because he could not pay the debts acquired by the game and the justice acted according to the legal parameters established by justice.

Her addiction led to a marital breakup, she lost her home and lost her job. The time in prison served him as an experience and he has shown it as part of the Massachusetts Council, in the Intervention and Recovery Support Coordination with regard to compulsive gambling.

For six years he has been fighting against addiction to games and has been trying to quit alcohol for more than two decades. This mix has made Jodie stronger and determined to win the ultimate battle.

Anonymous first

If the experience of the game is causing destruction and sowing fear in your life you need to seek help quickly. According to Financial Spread Betting (Propagation of Financial Bets), the stories to share are very diverse and, in many cases, anonymous. Here is a small sample.

There are situations that get complicated, as they develop in an environment where the game of chance prevails. In this story will touch the issue of the handling of credit cards and how they take the player to borrow more and more, to reach a point of no return.

Also, the factor of being unemployed and not having enough means to face any type of debt, falling more and more into an abyss and not finding a possible way out will be added.

The protagonist of this story had its beginnings when he ventured to contact the betting centers and bet by telephone because his shyness did not allow him to do it personally. Despite all these impediments, he became increasingly involved with this activity until he reached a level where he could not stop.

Following an unbridled and compulsive pace, he made the amount of the debt grow, in such a way that he became indebted for a considerably high number of Pounds. This amount was impossible to cancel, motivated that he was not working and, therefore, did not receive income.

These reasons are not enough to stop and stop betting, managing to increase the amount of debt until it becomes unplayable. This conduct demonstrates a clear addiction to carry out this type of action, regardless of the lack of financial support to cancel the debt.

If this is the case you are in, you are recommended to request support from professionals, in order to overcome this situation. Otherwise, it will grow larger and, for sure, it will have to appear before the courts or even pay in other more complex and delicate ways.

Second anonymous

It is incredible how decisive how the game begins to be an important part of the daily routine and begins to fill the spaces, occupying every minute of existence and leading the player to live hard experiences, causing his life to crumble before his eyes without to be able to do absolutely nothing.

It is an invisible force that pushes it ever deeper into the abyss and turns a life of profit into total chaos, affecting, not only the player who is the main actor in the story, but also its entire environment in a direct and indirect way. Reaching a critical point where you can no longer continue alone and, then, when you should look for help.

In this case, it presents a picture too bleak, is the experience of the second anonymous who had to cope with the consequences of their addiction. The path he chose unleashed a divorce, losing his partner and being absolutely alone. Of course, the separation is a subject that influences the mood and life expectancy of the human being.

When the breaking of the marriage occurs, the player falls into a deep depression. Added to this, he was in financial bankruptcy because of the bets, having to ask his father to help him financially to face this painful moment. But the story does not end there, as every addicted player played everything for everything.

Having a large family to support, as he had procreated four children, he trusted that his only way out was to make the last winning bet, which would get him out of this hole in which he had fallen. Because he did not own his own decisions, he let himself be carried away by the player’s conscience and risked all the capital in a game center.

Like every sick player, he visualized himself winning and multiplying the money that his father had given him. He firmly believed that he would have a sure victory and that he could get out of the doldrums once and for all. So, he decided to bet everything he had. The result was disastrous because at the end of the day he had a loss corresponding to 15k.

Worst of all, it was not that he had lost but that he did not have those 15k he had bet, which was really more problems. When a person who is independent asks parents for money to place bets, it is a serious warning symbol. This indicates that he is involved in a deep addiction and requires support from professionals.

Addiction is not a game that can be won; on the contrary, it increasingly seizes the person and immerses him in a sea of uncomfortable situations and even risk for it. So the best way to get out of trouble is to identify the problem, accepting it and making the decision to change.

If you do not want to end your marriage, separate yourself from your children, lose the trust of your parents and friends, lose your job, fall into a broken bank and many other calamities, you must find the necessary support, first in yourself, to find the one who will guide you and help him get out of the problem and secondly, in the professionals who are dedicated to this field. Surely, he will achieve it.

Tala and his experience

This story refers to a solid marriage that attended in several opportunities to the game centers, to distract and spend a pleasant time, in addition to obtaining some extra money. As thousands of couples were visitors who enjoyed all the gaming offers offered by these casinos and focused on having a good time.

But the desire to continue playing was growing unsuspected and Tala’s behavior changed completely, he was seduced by the machines and games, which little by little were becoming his only entertainment. All this activity was carried out, without her husband or her family environment suspecting anything.

She was betting increasing amounts of money, exhausting all the savings that they had in the accounts, as well as in the funds of the credit cards of both, without the consent of the husband. On one occasion, the husband applied for a loan, which was denied, for obvious reasons, and the entire economic situation in which they found themselves came to light.

Once the reality was discovered, that they were bankrupt because of the gambling bets that Tala had lost, the husband blamed her for having exposed him and stained the “good name” he had maintained so far. All this resulted in the breakdown of marriage and economic instability in the family.

As you can see clearly when there is a feeling of attachment to the game and to risk money compulsively, you must seek help urgently before it is too late and there is no turning back. These cases should be prevented, realizing that it is not the right way and not hiding the problem, because it will always come to light and will be more difficult to solve.

A crime that could be avoided

Although it seems exaggerated, the players when they feel cornered and do not see a possible way out of their economic problems can go to the extremes of threatening their own lives or those of their loved ones. It is a very radical determination, but there have been cases like this one in this story that could have been avoided.

To remain in absolute ruin and be without the support of the family, because of addiction to games is not the worst thing that can happen to a player. Reaching decisions that put your safety and that of your environment at risk could be a possibility to end the problem. In this way, he would no longer feel guilty or face his responsibilities.

On one occasion, a citizen of the United States who was a prosperous merchant and with a solid business, let himself be carried away by the whirlwind of games, not being able to stop on time and look for a valid option. That was how he let himself be carried away by the desperation and the burden of losing everything in gambling, taking the most disastrous determination.

One day he resolved to root out the problem, taking the lives of his three children by strangulating them, and then he continued with his decision and killed the wife with several shots and, finally, ended up with his own life. This horrible and painful action should make the person in a similar position react.

When you feel that there is no perspective to be successful, do not be discouraged, seek the help of professionals who know how to guide and support you on the road to recovery. Do not let despair lead you to end the lives of people, who have no responsibility in the decisions you made. There is always a possible way out.


Here we have made a brief review of cases that occur daily and to which players who do not know how to differentiate between play for fun and addiction are exposed. Recognizing symptoms in time, stopping and seeking guidance that can help you get out of that vicious circle is important for continuing a healthy life.

To think that the recovery is in continuing to bet and losing money is an error that is paid at an excessively high price. To continue on that path will only lead you to bankruptcy and to lose not only money and family but even your own life. Therefore, it is decisive to recognize the problem and seek external support.

There are recognized organizations such as Gamble Aware, GamStop and Anonymous Gamblers that are dedicated to recovering the victims of the game, helping them to face all the consequences, such as unemployment, divorces, debts, etc in the best possible way and continue with a life without addictions.

At the beginning Anonymous, entered into this world of the game making small bets, by means of telephone contacts, but soon it became a powerful and uncontrollable desire, which increased vertiginously the debts and economic commitments, reaching a point where it was made impossible to keep going.

Hence, the importance of accepting the failure and seeking professional support, to help resolve this situation when you notice that some of these cases, previously reported, are occurring in your personal experience, do not think twice and ask any organization for the necessary guidance, both you and your family members will thank you.

Most players start feeling vulnerable to being attacked by this syndrome, but little by little they are left with the desire to bet more and more until they reach the point where it is believed that everything lost will be recovered with one last bet.

This is a mistake commonly made by all addicts, who are certain that with a random move they will get out of debt and return to normal, but this is a mirage and does not correspond to reality, do not be fooled by the game.