Hit The Tiger Eye Slot For FunI still remember the time, when I used to watch these jungle book cartoon shows all day and night. I used to really adore this jungle themed cartoons and characters like mogli, George of the jungle and the Tarzan itself. Well, this fondness of mine towards this also made me play this online casino slot game called the Tiger Eye.

Let me introduce you guys to this amazing jungle themed poker machine, which I played this last week and It felt really great to play this classic themed online poker machine, really made me nostalgic and reminded me those golden days of childhood. Well, coming to the specs of the game then let me have the privilege of sharing it with you guys that it is a is a 5 reel, forty pay line pokie that allows players to bet up to five coins per line and the maximum coin size is dollar 0.05. Hit The Tiger Eye Slot For Fun

So, when I get to know about the pay table rules and specs of the game I thought of checking its reviews and ratings also. And for that I went on to the casino reviews that were praising the slot and when I looked at the players’ review and they were also great. So after getting assured with the credibility of the online pokies I finally made the download of the app to play it with real money.

In order to play the online casino slot with the real money, I had to buy the credits or you can say the spin, I paid via my PayPal account. As my friend who has referred I this game have also told me that it’s better to via PayPal only as it is supposed to be the safest way to perform online transactions. So I played the same with the paid credits eventually and won few jackpots as well.