This last week I went to this get-together, my college mates have arranged at one of the college guy’s place. So, I was pretty excited as I was going to meet my old friends and some of them were the one that I haven’t seen in ages. So when I get there, I met everyone and was feeling pretty good after seeing and knowing the success of the friends.

And there was this one guy, Adam who was in our class and my friend also. When I met him he was all suited up like a billionaire, which was all contradictory with his old version, because at that time he used to be a layman and a dude. So, I asked him that what he has been doing these days? There he told me that he has been playing these online pokies slots and that is a thing, which was making him rich.

Hearing this, I also become interested in this Lucky Nugget gambling thing, so I and one of my best friends, who was also present there at that time invited Adam over to our place and he easily agreed to do so. So when he came we shared the drinks first and then he told us everything about this high life of him and also told us about this poker machine called The high life, It was installed on his mobile phone as currently, he was playing the same.

So in order to make us under the gambling definition, he told us about in brief and also gave us his blog address, where he posts his experience. After he told us about this particular game that it is a 5 reel, 5 pay line poker machine that can be played at most of the online casinos, which we tried then and made few dollars as well.

Enjoy the video too.