Playing is a relaxed way to spend time, which is why more and more people are attracted to this wonderful and entertaining world. However, if you are looking to make this a habit and why not? A lifestyle, there are several factors that initially seem not very relevant but could result in a negative impact on their performance in the game.

Good nutrition is essential

“Healthy mind, healthy body” is a saying that everyone has heard at some time in life and that is quite associated with the world of sports; however, poker is not alien to this rule.Good nutrition based on a healthy diet will result in a state of well-being that will allow you to be at 100% when facing a game of poker.

It is recommended not to make a copious meal before playing and much less the intake of junk foods, as the digestion of these could affect the level of attention you have to play. In the same way, the opposite turns out to be as bad as the aforementioned. Playing games with an empty stomach is a bad idea because the feeling of hunger will distract you easily.

Food directly affects blood sugar levels and these, in turn, affect concentration and mood, so they can become an excellent ally or a powerful enemy. Eating balanced until satisfied is recommended, a high intake of fruits and vegetables will help, as well as staying well hydrated, water consumption is a priority.

Sexual intercourse can be counterproductive

It is well known by all that in the world of sports players are forbidden to have sexual relations prior to a sporting event.In relation to the premise that sexual relations affect the performance of players, there is still much to investigate. There are no real and significant data on the subject.

It seems to be a story of grandmothers that has spread by word of mouth and that even today continues to accompany the fears of the players in terms of not affecting their performance at the time of playing.What research has contributed in this regard, is that having sex generates a wear and therefore a fatigue that can be more or less significant depending on each individual and a number of factors involved.

The truth is that there is still no conclusive evidence to assert this premise, but you must consider whether you risk proving it yourself or not.

A good night’s rest

The worst thing you can do is bet while you’re tired. If you have not slept enough mental clarity is clouded and this tarnishes good judgment to make the right decisions when playing. If you have had a difficult day or you could not sleep well, it is best to postpone the trip to the casino or the entrance to your alternatives online. It is best to rest and be fully alert and with the best of dispositions when placing your bets.

Studies have confirmed that lack of sleep affects judgment more than any other aspect. That is why it is so relevant to be as rested as possible to be able to perform at the maximum capacity and take the most accurate decisions in relation to the hands of poker.

It is preferable to avoid exposing yourself to the stress of having to make decisions if you have not rested sufficiently in advance. Depending on the case, a simple nap might be enough to give your mind the clarity needed to play efficiently.


One of the big mistakes that are made when playing poker and that can mean the loss of large sums of money is to play without having any previously established plan.

Plan what will be the amount that is available to play will allow you not to exceed and thus avoid significant losses of money. Creating a management plan for the funds to play is key to not exceed the limit and avoid falling into bankruptcy.You can also plan what will be the maximum of each bet based on a total amount, this will prevent you from squandering all your money in one or few bets, thus ensuring a good time of fun at the table.

A solo trip

Going with your partner or friends turns out to be an extremely fun activity, however, this can become a distracting factor that prevents you from being 100% at the table. In addition, sometimes the companions are those who end up leaving in evidence the hand you have, either by their gestures, words or actions, even more, when there is alcohol involved.

Being alone allows you to focus completely on what you are doing. That is why you should ask yourself before going to the casino what your true intentions are if you enjoy with your friends or focus on the game.

Losing the nation of the time

Losing the notion of time in the casinos is really simple; they are strategically designed so that you forget how much time it takes in them. Therefore it is extremely important not to forget your watch. Another factor that influences in this sense is the consumption of alcohol which helps to easily lose the notion of how much time has passed since entering the casino.

If you plan to play just for fun this will not be a big problem, but if you bet is to make money the most sensible thing would be to completely get away from alcohol while playing. It is necessary to re-emphasize staying hydrated, this will allow you to be more alert and focus on not losing track of the time spent in the casino.

Have real expectations

It is not a movie, that fabulous image of casinos full of luxury as opposed to reality. Expecting a lucky break at the last minute is an almost unrealistic vision.

Practice makes a master. While luck is an important factor in the outcome of the games, the practice will be worth the experience and knowledge to predict what the results will be to know whether or not to bet is the best decision. In this sense, free online options represent a valuable tool to strengthen the skills you have and acquire new ones.

Apply the strategy that works for you

Everyone has an escape valve that helps them feel more relaxed, it can be listening to music, dancing, swimming, etc. Whatever your favorite option, making use of it will allow you to feel more relaxed and thus have more fun in the game. Without pressure, the experience will be much more fluid and without setbacks that will cause great discomfort.

Following these tips can help you significantly improve your performance in the game. However, remember that there is nothing written and there is no preset rule that cannot be broken. On the fly and with practice you will learn what are the things that work for you and which are negative for your performance on the table.

The most important thing, in any case, is to have fun, not to allow the game to become a headache that generates constant pressure. If you feel that, it is best to stop for a moment, clear your mind and then try again, you will notice the difference. Now, all that remains is to join the fun of poker!